Melissa & Steve, Thank you sooo much for Pangaea ( Gia) for short. She has been such a beautiful and wonderful kid.. We have had sooo many complements on her and she is a bit hit and show off at the Vet too.. We can’t thank you guys enough for the joy she has brought to my family and friends… We actually have a professional photographer who wants to do photo shoots of her here soon… Once agian thank you so much for her.. She is a true blessing..(Hutchison, KS)

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“Everyone thinks their puppies are the cutest but I have to say my puppy GEMMA that I got from Ozark Valley Puppies is truly the prettiest, happiest, gentle and most loving .. She is my 4th neapolitan mastiff and has completed our family… If you are considering a puppy I recommend them highly.. You won’t be disappointed just be ready for the drool … Thank you so much Melissa for a wonderful addition to our family” .. Atlanta GA