Melissa & Steve, Thank you sooo much for Pangaea ( Gia) for short. She has been such a beautiful and wonderful kid.. We have had sooo many complements on her and she is a bit hit and show off at the Vet too.. We can’t thank you guys enough for the joy she has brought to my family and friends… We actually have a professional photographer who wants to do photo shoots of her here soon… Once agian thank you so much for her.. She is a true blessing..(Hutchison, KS)

Thanks so much she’s doing awesome it’s like she’s always been here she is definitely the apple of my husband’s eye he can’t get over her color and brags about her every chance he gets l hope all your new owners are like my husband you will never have to worry about them. (Maine)

“Everyone thinks their puppies are the cutest but I have to say my puppy GEMMA that I got from Ozark Valley Puppies is truly the prettiest, happiest, gentle and most loving .. She is my 4th neapolitan mastiff and has completed our family… If you are considering a puppy I recommend them highly.. You won’t be disappointed just be ready for the drool … Thank you so much Melissa for a wonderful addition to our family” .. Atlanta GA